Day Fifteen Wednesday (March 15)


Holy Jesus, lead us into the knowledge of your attention to us, into the understanding of how dearly you care for us, into the richness of your love for us, so that nothing can deflect us from love of you. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Psalm 139


One to two minutes


How many people know your innermost thought and feelings? How many have come to know your real likes and dislikes? How many understand your unique ways and senses? Hopefully, there is at least one in your life about whom you can say such things. I know of no other reality in human experience that is quite as profound as to create a relationship that grows toward this end. So the Psalmist signs in this most endeared psalm. To be known, to be acquainted with all my ways, to be accompanied into all place, to be surrounded in all things, to be understood, to be “felt with”, to be anticipated, to be stood by, by the God of all creation, the God of power, the God of glory – and all because that God loves me – SUCH KNOWLEDGE IS TOO WONDERFUL FOR ME. Think about it – to be known through and through by the God of all Creation, and loved? How is that for a boost to your self-esteem?

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Try today to remember that all that you do from your breakfast to your work to your grocery shopping to whatever you do has been prepared for you to do by God himself as a gift for you.