Day Four Saturday (March 4)


Gracious Lord, you have given such awesome and marvelous gifts to us, not because we are worthy or because we deserve, but because you love us, even despite ourselves.  May your Spirit remind us that the live of true honor of you, is a life lived in thanksgiving, to and for you. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Psalm 8


one to two minutes


Thanksgiving is the measure of your relationship with God.  More than just words, thanksgiving is an attitude, a way in which you carry yourself.  It is a sense that nothing you have is your own, that is, a sign of your importance.  Rather, all that you have is a sign of God’s graciousness.  Possessiveness, ownership, “mine-ness” is the root of nearly all discontent and disorder – it breeds most other human ailment.  Think about it:  are you one who figures they deserve what you have (or ought to have), or are you thankful for what has been given to you?  Then ask yourself:  Am I happy?

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Remember three persons in your life who have unexpectedly made your life richer, fuller, and happier.  First, thank God for having brought these persons into your life.  Second, get in touch with at least one of them, and share with them your thanksgiving for the “gift” that they brought to you, not because you earned it, but because…they did it. Third, find someone who least expect your attention and love, and give it away – without strings.