Day Fourteen Tuesday (March 14)


Eternal God, you hold all reality in your hand, you impart wisdom by your Word, you love us uncontrollably, give us such a sense of your presence that in and through our human experience, we may know you. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Galatians 6:1-10


One to two minutes


“The best teacher we have is experience”, so it is said. Libraries are full of “how-tos”, universities are bubbling over with insight and knowledge, our elders recount stories, and yet we really end up learning by our own experience. More properly, however, it is not the experience that teaches, it is the reflection, the evaluation of experience that makes for the learning. Too often our lives are revolving doors of experience, the same result happening from the same experience, history repeating itself, getting stuck on the merry-go-round. Too much experience without stopping to figure on it. Reflection comes only with some standard, some “point of departure”, some point of reference, some ability to step outside yourself and your experience to look at it. So it the powerful purpose of the Bible – the divine perspective with a human component – from it you can figure your experience from the vantage point of God. WOW!

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Take one experience (any experience) you had during the past day, write out the experience in story form, remember what you said and felt, what you saw and sensed. Remember what was said to you, what those around you saw and felt. What was it about the experience that made it satisfying (or unsatisfying)? Where was God in the experience?