Day Twenty-five Saturday (March 25)


God of all mercy, do have mercy upon us frail and fragile creatures. Remember that we are but dust. Prepare us for your judgment, lovingly. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Isaiah 66:12-16


One to two minutes


Promise and threat. Judgment and grace. Who can live with such a God? Who can understand God? One thing is clear: our response must be in stereo. We must both fear and love God. That is the only proper response to God’s words of blessing and doom. We love Jesus because he rescues us from God’s coming wrath. We love Jesus because through him we see God and our hearts rejoice and our bodies flourish like lush vegetation. We rightly fear, with the holy fear of beloved children, the fiery judgment that is to come.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Think on this: the way of the Christian is the way of holding two contrary realities in the same grip – life and death, love and fear, forgiveness and separation. The fruit of such a feat are the gifts of the Spirit.