Day Twenty Monday (March 20)


Gracious Lord, we come up with so many ways to avoid the truth of our lives, we work so hard to get it under control, and we are tired. Give us the grace to realize our error, and put ourselves in your care. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Ephesians 2:1-10


One to two minutes


Sin, disobedience, people of wrath, dead in trespasses, passions of the flesh – ah, this is the stuff that stereotypical “hell fire and damnation” church is all about. Not a good sell in this politically corrected culture of ours. These days we have “self-actualization”, “self-esteem seminars”, love and grace, hugs and warm fuzzies. What’s happened? Have we gone to the other end of the spectrum? Where is the happy medium? The problem is that we are shadow boxing, both swinging at and dancing around illusions. The fact of the matter is, with all honesty, our lives are troubled by realities that we cannot control, even though we try, hard. There is no escape. We are creatures ultimately doomed to death. Most times, that death comes before we are laid to rest. However, there is another reality, available only by faith, the new creation established in Jesus Christ for you and for me, a reality that puts Christ in charge, and we as grateful servants.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
List all those things that you are in charge of, all those things that others are in charge of that have direct impact on you: which one is longer? Now list all those things that God has charge of. Now, who do you want in charge?