Day Twenty-seven Monday (March 27)


O Spirit of God, move over the chaos of our messy lives and bring your peace, not peace like the world knows, but a peace that passes understanding, a peace that come from your love. Amen.

Bible Reading:

1 Corinthians 2:1-5


One to two minutes


As much effort as we put into keeping our lives in order, as many times as we clean up our surroundings, as often as we resolve to be more organized, the reality is that life is messy. It is a fact that the goal of life in our “messy” world is to get everything under control, to civilize things, to bring order to chaos of life – a goal that is born anew to every human heart, and brings terminal disappointment. We sanitize, we define, we categorize, we theorize, we attempt to make sense of that which finally will defy the “box” we construct to hold reality. We even try to get God to climb into the boxes we have for him, or to make him into a the great organizing principle, or to make sense of the mess that this world seems to return to, especially in death. This is why St. Paul’s remarks here are so profound – Jesus, God’s own son, descends into the messiest of worlds, enters into its messiest expressions, tastes its messiest product – death, and invites us to understand it as God’s way. God knows our messes, and he plants himself right next to us.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Instead of letting your eyes, and ears, and noses enjoy only the beauty and wonder and glory around you, check out, if you dare, the seeder visions, the uglier sounds, the uncouth smells of your daily life, and realize that God is present even in these working his redeeming will.