Lent Day Two (March 2)


Jesus, we worry too much, we are anxious about so many things, we not only have our own concerns we take on the concerns of others as our own. In all these things help us to remember finally Who is in charge, and Who it is that loves us so much. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Matthew 6:25-34


One to two minutes

Reflection: The most prescribed medications in our culture are for gastric problems and depression/anxiety problems. What does that tell you about our propensity to “take control”? and what happens when we do. We internalize most everything turning it into acid that burns up our insides with ulcers and heartburn, or we try and manage it until it overloads our mental and emotional circuits. The problem is that such actions are the result of long learned patterns, tough to recognize, tough to change. Medications are band aids, spiritual awakening is the long term solution. God is in charge, not you – the first spiritual step. Take it, you’ll like it, eventually.

Action – Repentance and Creation:

Take some time today and go for a half hour walk, watching for those things over which you have no control, like the birds, the clouds, the ocean, the wind, the gait of others, the time of day, and, and tell yourself its still ok!