Dustin Manuel

Dustin Hart

Dustin Manuel is the Music Director at Saint Paulus. Born in Dallas, Texas, Dustin Hart was raised in the blend of contemporary and traditional musical traditions that came from his experience in both church bands and school classical ensembles.  He learned piano from age 5 and became a church musician at the early age of 12. He has played at a variety of churches, and thus has knowledge of many different forms of Christian worship. Using this experience, he was able to learn to score his compositions for ensembles at age 15 and has had his work performed by several high school and university ensembles. He has composed scores for several films, including his award-winning musical short “Flight to Sinai.”  He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. He has been the Minister of Music & Worship at St. Paulus Lutheran Church since 2007 and began attending the church in January of 2006.