Day Forty-one Monday (April 10)


Jesus, draw us to yourself, so that filled and focused on you, we can never be shaken or distracted by the ways of the world. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Matthew 26:1-13


One to two minutes


There are so many distractions around us, so many options that call out to us, so many directions from which to choose. Sometimes I wonder if we are so attuned all the distractions, options, directions that we fail to focus on anything, particularly that which brings peace to our spirits. New fashions, crazes, the newest of this and that, all with the intent of “being alive”. What is it that gives peace? The reading describes a woman with an alabaster flack of ointment, a man around whom the world swirled with intrigue, political plotting, murderous intention, and debates about the best use of limited resources for care of the poor. So many things going on around this man, so many important issues being discussed, so many critical decisions being made, and yet this woman attends to Jesus by anointing him with oil. Seems pretty absurd, out of touch with the realities of politics and plotting, clearly a waste of money that could have been given to the poor. But for the past 2000 years, wherever this gospel is preached, the singular, adoring actions of this woman are told. She cut through all the distractions, revealing a heart at peace in Jesus Christ. So may it be said of all of us.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Spend ten minutes if you can, contemplating the face of Jesus Christ alone. No thoughts about what he did or said, no distractions about what he wants or commands, no consideration of theology or doctrine. Just contemplate Jesus.