Joseph Robbins (Rasmussen)

Joseph Robbins(Rasmussen) March 23, 1960 – March 17, 2008 Baptized on March 3, 2003. Joseph Rasmussen was born March 23, 1960 in Santa Rosa, CA, to Geneva Joyce Kirby Cartwright. He had three brothers, Bobby Hubbard of Santa Rosa, Donnie Hubbard of Clear Lake, and Floyd Robbins of Oklahoma, and two sisters, Patricia Damian of Clear Lake Oaks, and Linda Hubbard. He also had an aunt and uncle, Amelia and James Kirby of Santa Rosa. Joseph called San Francisco home. Of the years he spent here, 6 of the last 10, were spent on the streets, developing a significant network of friends and acquaintances. The toll, however, of those years outside was burdensome, and so when Mayor Gavin Newsom personally handed Joseph a key to his own place at the Empress Hotel (provided by the City), he gratefully accepted, and in August of 2004 moved inside. Over the years since, Joseph spent a good bit of time in creative ventures like beading and artwork. He had a ready sense of humor and laughed generously. He made friends easily and loved to joke and smile, infectiously. Joseph found a home at Saint Paulus Lutheran Church, welcomed with warmth and love by the entire congregation. After a period of spiritual discernment and under the caring and loving sponsorship of Norma Hopfer, Joseph was created a child of God in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on her birthday, March 3, 2003. This day of new life was never forgotten by Joseph nor by those who were blessed by being present. It was truly a resurrection event for us all. Joseph was a strong and determined witness for Jesus Christ. Indeed, God was pleased to make His appeal to others through Joseph’s words, “God loves you and so do I”. John 3:16 was his favorite Bible verse, and it was imprinted on his Saint Paulus business card. Joseph struggled through the last year of his life with us, but through it all he demonstrated a deep thanksgiving for all he had experienced, the love he had received, and the friendships he celebrated. His was a life of growing faith and a deepening understanding as a child of God. Truly he now rejoices with all the saints in life, and particularly with his Baptismal sponsor, Norma Hopfer.