Rolland A Frazier

Rolland was born in an airplane high over the city of New Orleans, Louisiana on September 22, 1958, son of Rossie L and Signa Frazier. He claimed New Orleans as his hometown. He grew up there along with three other brothers, two sisters, and a God child, and even though he left his hometown in the late 1970s to come to San Francisco, he always has a soft place in his heart for the city of his birth. He came to San Francisco looking for work, and found it in a variety of place and occasions—odd jobs, mover, construction, even working the docks all though the turbulent days of protest, war and love. Rolland met Sean Dennis Pratt in 1979, and forged an enduring and loving relationship, sharing both the heights and depths of partnered-love. Sean provided the most compassionate care for Rolland throughout his final struggle. Rolland was joined to the life of Saint Paulus Lutheran Church through the Friendship Banquet which he attended faithfully, and then became involved in its faith life more and more deeply with the encouragements of Sean and others. Rolland brought a quiet yet intense spirit to living, having touched many lives with his special gifts. Thanks be to God for the life of Rolland Frazier.