Announcement: Two morning worship services have moved!

On October 29th, the whole of the San Francisco Lutheran Community will gather at Grace Cathedral at 3pm to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reformation. As a result, there will be no morning worship at St Paulus, but we will be celebrating with other congregations at Grace at 3pm.

On December 24th our traditional Christmas Eve candlelight worship falls on the same day as morning service – so morning service will be moved to combine with the evening service, providing the congregation with an opportunity to come together as one. There will be no morning worship on Christmas Eve and our evening candlelight worship will be at 7pm.


Mission Statement

We seek to be an inclusive community of God’s diverse people, visible in the world.
Like Jesus, we:

  • Care about one another and all creation,
  • Honor the poor,
  • Tell the truth to ourselves and others in love,
  • Encourage justice and show mercy.


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150th Anniversary


500th Anniversary



Pastor Dan Solberg

Sunday Calendar

Service - 10 AM
Fellowship - 11 AM

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What is SF CARES?
What does it do?
What is SPLC's involment?

SFCARES is a collaboration of like-minded institutions designed to address the issues of homelessness and the needs not met but other agencies. Saint Paulus involvement at this point is only monetarily by providing Grants.

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The Story of SF CARES