We greatly thank you for donating to Saint Paulus. Your contribution will support our homeless congregation. Since 1867, Saint Paulus has advocated for the poverty and a high number of our members live on the streets. Help us to help them.

Also please read more about our Showering The Homeless With Jobs program. If you’d like to donate to our new, ongoing campaign, we truly thank you. It’s a very simple yet powerful plan: We’ll encourage the homeless to bring in their resumes. While they enjoy a shower at our future 999 Eddy Street church, we’ll match their credentials to a job. Within 24 hours, they’ll be employed, with the employer paying for their hotel + stipend while on a 30 or 60 day probation. During that time, we’ll secure affordable housing for them. We already have employers lined up, volunteers are ready to work, donated clothing and household furnishings are in abundance and we’re in the final stages of preparing the program. Please support this phenomenal campaign.

If you prefer to donate on Facebook, here’s the link. Once you sign in, you’ll see the donate button at the top of our Facebook page. Alternatively, please consider creating a Facebook Fundraiser.


Pastor Dan Solberg

If you’d like a tax deductible receipt, please email