Day Thirty Thursday (March 30)


Patient Jesus, we try so hard to make our ways work, even when they are right. Help us to realize that our ways, when they do not conform to you, just get in the way. Amen.

Bible Reading:

Mark 8:27-38


One to two minutes


There is a difference between knowing the right answer and understanding reality. The difference is your own personal agenda – either you attempt to impose it (with the right answer) or you let it be shaped by the reality that is present. This is critical in the development of a relationship with Jesus Christ, especially for us, twenty-first century know it alls. That first century know it all, Peter, shows us the way, in spades. He (and we) knows the way Jesus is supposed to act (our way), especially since he knows the identity of this Jesus. Perfect example of imposing an agenda. Sometimes we really do know the right answer (great!), it’s the reality of God in Jesus Christ, however, to which we must bend our agendas.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Think about what you expect God to do for you today; now reflect on what God expects from you today.