Day Twenty-two Wednesday (March 22)


Patient Lord, we think that life goes on, we put off all sorts of important things until we are ready, we delay the inevitable. Awaken us to the shortness of life, the tentativeness of our ways, the need to make the most of this moment. Thanks for the chance to do so. Amen.

Bible Reading:

2 Peter 3:8-13


One to two minutes


It’s lucky that we are not in charge of the time clock of life, especially these days. Instant cereals, microwave dinners, high speed internet connections, Pentium five, all with the goal of compressing time into the shortest nano-second possible. What would life be like if everything would be instant – where would the seasons be, the wonder of growth, the artist’s masterpiece, the time for amendment of life, the opportunities for correction and reconciliation? Patience has become the victim in our fast pace world, not merely as a matter of mediating road rage, but in matters of forbearance. This is why I am so grateful that God is in charge of the time clock, for over the ages he has demonstrated a great deal patience, as in forbearance. Thank goodness, or we should have been wiped out long ago. Now don’t take advantage of such patience, use it as the opportunity to get straight with God.

Action – Repentance and Creation:
Quick! Call or write or get in contact with that one person that you have fallen out of touch with, don’t let another minute pass, because it may be the last one you have. No excuses, no more delays, no time like the present. You know who it is!